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Heh its actually a joke from when i was younger.

Guess I'll give you guys some back ground.
I'm 22 (am I allowed to say younger yet?)

I'm more of a camaro guy vs mustang. Granted I'll give ford credit on those. Except their trucks. I hate working on their trucks.

I currently have a 1980 camaro I'm rebuilding. I'm on my first rebuild. Going to post a thread shortly with what I'm looking at.

I'm somewhat of a nerd so this will explain a bit about the next thing.

I'm a facts and figures type of person. You tell me a different intake/head/piston/whatever will make more power. I like to know why. Example: Like going with a thinner head gasket. Well obviously it will slightly raise compression ratio very little (i don't think I care about a .1 higher cr) but also the quench benefit is definitely a helpful response. Not to sound like an *** but its my money.

I realize theory doesn't always=reality but i've found its pretty damn close.

My favorite food is potatoes. I really like potatoes.

I also like a good steak.
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