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Been a pretty decent halloween, took my little one out for about an hour or so 1/4 filled a pillow case :p

Ex is still not talking too me very much after I told her 2 weeks ago that when I was done moving I would be coming back for my daughter. hehehe, she did'nt take it too well, no more flirting, no more phone calls from her. Guess she was just trying to butter me up.

Another good friend, the guy with the 98 cobra I use to work with quit, so I have kinda lost contact with him, but I did manage to call up another good friend and was glad to hear they were still around.

Anyway, decent halloween, could have been better, but could have been worse.

EDIT: Oh yeah and the only other bad thing was yesturday when I discovered the metal of the drivers door on my amigo had cracked all the way down the door.
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