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I finally got my buildsheet out of my '78 Monte Carlo. It was taped to the inside of the passenger door. I'm only missing a small portion of it---just whatever was in box#1. Decoding this is going to be really cool. This is what I can figure out right now:
it was charged to
06-059 (dealer #059 in zone 06)
Boyett Chevrolet Inc
1126 King Avenue
Corcoran Ca 93212
Order number AIJ453

from the Fremont assembly plant in Fremont CA.

GVWR 4520 GAWR F 2291 R 2229

I don't know much more about how to read this, so if any else has tried decoding a sheet like this, could you point me in the right direction.

BTW, I just noticed 2 transmission codes. What the heck?? It says


Now I'm confused
:confused: :confused:

Whoops, I did a search for build sheet(s), not accesory codes. Thanks to Kevin45 and Tazz in advance. Feel free to start slapping me up side the head!

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I don't have mine where I could immediately find it, but if it is similar to mine (if I recall correctly) box 1 was for the axle and corresponding gear code it contained.

I never found a source to completely decode mine, but if you could scan your buildsheet and e-mail it to me, I will else what I can do for you.
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