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Deuce Radiator shell on Model A

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Has anyone put a '32 shell on a 30/31 Model A. Mine seems to be too tall causing the hood gap at the rear to be off (wide at bottom). Also the hold down clamps barely reach. I'm thinking I need to trim about 3/8to 1/2 inch off the sides. I have two thin shims under all the body mounts & the doors are aligned fine. Thanks, Dale
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I don't run hoods on mine but the grill shell needs to be lowered about an inch or it look higher than the firewall. Back off & look to see if your hood runs uphill.

Later, Mark
If you still have your 30-31 shell (or can borrow one from a friend) just remove the Duece and lay them back to back on top of each other aligning the radiator mounting holes. Then you will have the exact measurement needed to trim from the '32 shell.
Thanks guys, I did have the original shell and yep, the deuce was 7/8 longer. Trimmed the sides and the hood fits perfect. Now I have to remount the shell mounting tabs. What fun this hobby is!
Ask and ye shall receive!
By the way, inyour original post you asked if anyone had done this swap. Everyone and their brother has done it. Heck, there may be more A's of all years with Deuce shells than with A shells these days!
I would like to do the same thing.I have a stock 30 shell what all did you do to make it fit and whos 32 shell did you use
Use a shell which is a duplicate of the original Duece (Poliform makes a nice, correct filled shell). You cut 7/8" from the side skirts of the shell at the bottom (assuming our friend's measurements are OK for your car,too). And remove the hood rod receptacle from your A shell and install on the Duece. OH, don't forget the $200-300 grille you have to buy! The best one is from Obsolete Ford Parts in Oklahoma City.
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