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Hi all!,
Live in california, so of course i get to enjoy seeing hotrods often on the road. Im a mechanic by trade and work at home after working at my job. But i will be honest this getting old thing is slowing me down. :D ..... But find the energy to still got out in my shop (garage). I get my hands in to all aspects of auto work. And i love fabercating, altho most my side work is just genneral repair.....
My projects are :
1) 72' beatle, 1600cc. I got it with intensions of finishing it for daughters 16 Bday. Work done to body and steering, all done crappy tho! Has to be redone.
2) 78' 4x5 K5 blazer, bad 350, was borred out with other work done, ran with no oil!. :(.. Built trans altho i dont know the spec's. Bought & stored... Waitimg on me....
3) 96 gmc serria p/u 5.0L with i belive a th700r4 trans, trans needs work, and engine just needs TLC. Kinda my pull my toys around truck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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