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Did You Hear The ESPN Mike Tyson Interview!?

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Did anyone else hear, or see it. One radio station was playing it this morning, it's unbelievable. I'm trying to find a website that I can download it from. I have to hear it again.

off to the right side of the screen almost half way down is link to play the interview. It seems to only be for dial up users, I'll keep looking.
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I think he went nuts when Holyfield whipped him in the ring. He bit his ear to keep from being embarassed any more than he already had been. Since then he's been nothing but a fruitloop. Somebody's going to put a bullet in his hind end sooner or later.

You never heard that?That was a prefight interview from his fight with Lennox Lewis June 8th 2002.He is so doped up now he can not even speak.His last fight was here in Louisville against Danny Williams.I do not think Tyson will get a shot at the belt anytime soon.He has a lot of low paying fights with up and coming fighters before he will get another chance at the title.
Most professional fighters are way beyond their peak at 35 years of age. Mike is 38.

Most ring experts consider 30 to be a prime age for professional fighters as they are completely experienced, physically and mentally mature at that age.

Most adult males reflexes start to fade after they reach 35. Most fighters who rely on speed are washed up by that age.

Mike Tyson was an explosive fighter for about 5 years. He was on his way out of the game BEFORE Buster Douglas knocked him out.

If you want to watch a washed up fighter, Evander Holyfield will fight on tonight on Pay Per View at the age of 42 against Larry "the Legend" Donald.

I loved to watch Holyfield fight in his prime, but I cringe to watch him now. He's so slow, he can't get out of his own way. I admire his guts, and he might win tonight but I hate to see the old guys getting their brains beat out.

George Foreman was the exception to this rule because of his tremendous ability to take a punch (he's huge) and his earth-shattering power (highest KO percentage in heavyweight history). No one could really hurt him, and usually ol George would get one down the pike, and that's all it took.

Finesse fighters like Ali and Holyfield are washed up in their mid 30s. Tyson probably could mount a comeback but he just doesn't have the drive to do it.

When he arrived in the ring against Lennox Lewis at 235 lbs, I knew he would be KO'D.

Requiem for a heavyweight.

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RCastle said:
You never heard that?That was a prefight interview from his fight with Lennox Lewis June 8th 2002..

My mistake, I didn't really look at the link I posted, I assumed it was recent, I didn't know it was old. The one clip I heard was brand new, I'll keep looking for it.
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