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Can anyone explain to me why some high stall converters have a dip or drop in RPM’s just after they hit their stall speed and also a pause in acceleration just before continuing to climb the RPM’s and accelerating then cycle ? I’m talking about a WOT take off from a dig while still in first gear. With all things being equal and the stalls being the same, on acceleration from a dead stop, one converter will have the RPM’s climb quickly, stall or grab, then keep climbing and
pulling. The other converter’s RPM’s will climb quickly, grab but pull down the RPM’s and the acceleration will pause, then continue climbing the RPM’s. Even if they stall the same, it seems the second converter slows the car down. Could it be the STR is not proper for the set up? How can this be avoided? I’ve seen this in even 4000 stall converters. I thought high stalls removed dead spots or rpm dips like that. Any info?

I have a converter that I have not installed yet. Described as 3600 stall. Tighter than normal with high efficiency but lower torque multiplication. I’m hoping it doesn’t do that. I’m Hoping for a smooth transition in coupling not such a hard grab where it pulls the RPMS down.
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