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:confused: Hello Fellow Hotrodders,
I have noticed there is gads of info in this site, that's
the reason I joined, "you can learn something new everyday"

OK, about my project car that has been sitting for 20+ years.
The rust mites had a field day with it. Anyway, 85% of
the sheet metal work is done along with the , tilt wheel, trans&engine SBC350, chevy rear, Power P&R. When it came time for front binders "disc brakes" there wasn't much I could find.

What I ran across was an old Super Bell Axle kit for a Nova.
After checking things out and making a spacer for the inner bearing the rest of it was a walk in the park.

The only dead end I have ran into is the grease seal/s that came with the kit must of been packed wrong cuz they don't fit the hub nor would they fit the 39 Plymouth spindle.

So in search of a seal/s for this has come to a dead end.
Does any one know of a link that has grease seal size's ?
The hub has 2 steps in it that are 1/4" one OD is 2.3930
and the other is 2.325. The ID for the seal seat on the spindle
is 1.735 . I have tried a bearing suppliers, local auto parts stores
and to no avail have not located the seals.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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