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Yo Guys,

My daily driver '93 C-1500 needs new oil cooler and transmission cooler lines.

It has 330,000 miles on it so I guess it's due.

Anybody got a source or are these dealer only pay-full-boat pieces? Any aftermarket sources?

Wild Bill
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Not to be Mr. Obvious but did you check your local auto parts dealer for the transmission lines. The trans lines you should be able to just buy a length of steel line and bend it the way you need. You could probably buy the line and a hand bender cheaper or around the same price as you could buy pre fitted lines but then you own the bender in the end. The cooler lines I would just check your local junkyard before I would buy brand new.
Wild Bill,

Check with your local parts houses, and ask if they carry the Dorman Line.

The catalog I have shows the oil cooler lines, for the 305, and 350. There are some different configurations, and part numbers, so they will ask you some questions.

As for the transmission cooler lines, they do not list your year, but this is a 2006 catalog, and they could have added new numbers. If your lucky, for your application.

Good Luck

I find Flex-a Lite to be good quality equipment at reasonable prices. Get the ones with the -6 fittings, and run new lines.

Don't know what the price is for new OEM stuff, but I know Flex A Lite was $40 when everyone else was 90 and the quality is good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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