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Dist retarding itself

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I have the hold down bolt as tight as I can get it and can still (not real easily)turn the distributor,and it will turn itself and retard the timing when driving. Whats wrong???
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Has the intake or intake faces been cut? The distributor might be bottoming out on the oil pump drive as opposed to the manifold.

The way to check this is to drop the distributor in without a gasket. It should sit down all the way without any gap. If it doesn't then you need to use a spacer.
it doesn't have a gasket---has an o-ring. never had this problem till I had the Dist rebuilt. Since I put it back in its been this way

Its a 1960 Cadillac engine
Gotta, didn't know it was an old Caddy.

I have a '52 331 in the shop right now. Fun stuff.
I think I may have to shim between the dist & the block. Just remembered the dist was sitting on a little piece of the valley pan gasket and I cut that little piece of gasket off so the dist would set flush on the block.I'm going to take the holddown loose and see if I have any gap between the dist and block & if so them I will have to shim it
Does that sound right?
Take out the o-ring as well to see if there's something holding it up.

How easy does the distributor rotate on it's own?
Your distributor bolt isn't too long is it?
I had a cheapo chrome hold down from the parts store do the same thing before, put on the stocker and held it fine. Good luck, hope this helps.
boothboy said:
Your distributor bolt isn't too long is it?
X2 :thumbup:
Made a U shaped gasket and slipped it between the block,& the Distributor,tightend it down and WALLA!!! that fixed it! :D
Thanks for all the advice
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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