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s-10 boxes mount to the inside of the frame rail

or at least is in comparison to the '87 older trucks anyways, in which didnt.

88-up full size i have forgotten

you would have to check pitman shaft splines and diameter, also the length of the box overall to see if the steering shaft would work

i have a '95 full size box and several s-10 boxes sitting around i can check...

because i have forgotten

if you need..

s-10 boxes mount inside the frame rail

the 87 older trucks mounted on the outside

so didnt interchange at all.

i think maybe they did move the '88-up full size boxes to inside the rail though

thats the thing i forgot..

even if they did it doesnt mean it will fit and work.

the only thing that interchanged before 88 was ones that were mounted on the same side of the frame rail

s-10 and cars were same

and only full size ones interchanged with each other

im not too sure manual steering was even available on 88-up

never seen or heard of one anyways.

if there are any i think they are super rare

or special order

why dont you just fix whats wrong and do it right?

steering is a safety issue..
not for only you and who you haul around but others out on the roads..

good used parts are dirt cheap at yards.

good luck

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There's nothing wrong with it. I just do not like the clutter under the hood. I doubt that there are any manual boxes for 88+. I think I'll just loop the power steering box and if I do not like it put the power steering back on.

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Ugh. I HATE manual steering on a pickup truck!

My old 66 was manual steering, and it was a WORKOUT to try to paralell park.
My wife refused to drive it in town. I am SO looking forward to having power steering and (hydroboost) brakes, especially since I swapped out a 250 for a 454.

Manual boxes usually have more turns lock-to-lock AND have a larger steering wheel to provide more leverage. My guess is that this experiment may be short-lived?

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daoldbuick said:
You don't even have to unplug the power steering hoses, Just try turning it with the motor off.
Not quite true, IMO.

If the hoses have been removed and the fluid inside the box has been displaced, it is much the same as manual steering ... except for the differences in the "lock-to-lock" gearing ratios.

Be sure to cap those inlet and outlet fittings after displacing the fluid, in order to keep the debris and moisture out.
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