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Do I have an electrict short?

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Well, I finally finish my Chevy 1984 C-10 and went out for a road test, every thing worked fine, even my th700r4 which was the first that my son and myself rebuild, it change gear OK but (here comes my problem) just changing to overdrive it blew the fuse at my fuse box. My truck had all the wiring installation, from factory, for the lock up. It doesn't have an ECM. This morning I tried to find out if I had an interior transmission short or was at some other point between the vacuum valve, brake pedal switch and connector to the transmission. I thought the interior circuit should be open until the pressure switch closed the circuit, grounding through the wire in "B" or "D" connectors, but this did not happen in my test with the engine off.
I first applied 12 volts to "A" and a test light was applied to "B" and "D" (test light was grounded on frame), the light came on and a click from the TCC solenoid was heard. I then tested resistance from "A" to "D" in the 200k scale and the meter shown 00.0 (none resistance).
Can somebody has any idea why is this happening?
Thanks for your help.
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Rob :pimp: Here

Go search in the "electrical section" in the "Doc Vette :pimp: Thread" & I will look @ the Schematics I have maybe someone will be able to find them faster than I.

R :thumbup:
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what is the age of the inner wire harness on this trans?

How was it wired internally?

With a reading of 00.0 from A to D that tells me they are hooked together , perhaps grounded which results in the blown fuse?

You applied test to B and D at same time?
Do I have a electric short?

I have this rebuilt from a Safari van I had from 1989, that is the age of wiring. No, I tested "A" to "B" and "A" to "D" but never "B" to "D". I am planning to re-wire this system as soon as I receive the open/pressure closed switch GM8627332, which I ordered at Chevy dealer. I am planning to use "A" (+) to solenoid (+) and solenoid (-) to switch GM8627332.
Thank you guys for your help.
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