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Good day Gentlemen, do i have both manifold and ported vacuum in my distributor? Please take a look on the illustration below.

Below is the photo of the actual distributor.

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This would be an advance or retard system that thermally controls the vacuum source to each side of the diaphragm.

Classically when we talk about ported or not we're referring to the prime vacuum source at the carb or throttle body where the vacuum at idle can be sourced from below the throttle blades which would see full manifold vacuum all the time; or is sourced just above the idle position where manifold vacuum becomes timed by the throttle opening, typically at idle there would be no vacuum then as the throttle is opened the port would become exposed to manifold vacuum.

What you have is thermally controlled system undoubtedly for emissions management. The prime source may be a timed port or a full time port; you'd have to run that down at the carb.

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