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Do you bellive this

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What a scam, I am selling 81 camaro parts locally and I get this in my email, WHO is this guy kidding :nono: the funny thing is I think he is local and I have my cell number in the ad
and I could not find him in our local phone book.
This is what he sent

Hello Seller, Am interested in your listed item.So i am using this opportunity to ask you that will you be able to accept a certified cashier check or money order? and also will you be able to contact the shipping company for the arrangement of the shipment of the item after you must have cash the money order and send the excess to the shipper? then if yes Please get back to me with your contact name and address with your phone number so that I could mail you the payment for the item. Also I want you to let me know if you are trustworthy in this regards? You get back to me with any other questions regarding my request. Best regards Shawn Kall

The Older I Get The More Suspicious I Am.
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What makes you think he is local?

Just the fact that he doesn't mention what the item is gives you a heads up...............
Look what else he sent me. ( What a idiot)

Thanks for your prompt responce,As you agree to accept
a money order,i will inform my client to issue out the
check to you ,we will only need your full contact
information which the check will be send to,My client
also agree asking price of the item,As have mentioned
in my first email that you don't need to bother of the
shippment we have a shipping company that will be
coming for the pick up,So the check that will be send
to you now will consist your item money plus the
shipper's charges,when you receive the payment all you
need to do is to get it cash and deduct your item
money out of it the left over should be send to the
shipping company via western union money transfer and
western unon charges will be included,cause you will
be charge at western union when you are to send the
funds,the shipper's neccesary information will be
attached with the payment you are going to receive.I
will like to ask you this question if you will be able
to send the shipper's charges via western union when
you receive the payment?If you are willing to sell
this item to my client kindly get back with your
contact information which the payment will be send to.
How many offer do you have on this item?
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That is a spin off of the Nigerian scam, DO NOT BUY INTO IT.

Its a scam. Last time I put a car in the local paper, I got a "hearing impaired" phone call at 9:30 pm. He then emailed me and I told him to get a job. There is info on these sorts of scams. They send a bogus check, so after you cash the check then send the difference via western union, they have your cash, the check they sent you bounces and you are out whatever you sent. I think I have had offers like this 3 times. I often wonder how many people actually fall for it.
Email him back and tell him to send the money western union, or cash, you will never hear from him again.
First clue to a scam is the money order exceeds the selling price and send the change back :smash: That combined with the poor English :rolleyes:
Ya know I just can't help it, I want to mess with him, Anbody got any fun ideas? :spank:
Tell him that any amounts in excess of the selling price will be considered a gift and will be deposited to your account and the item will be available for shipping in 30 days. :)
larz said:
Ya know I just help it, I want to mess with him, Anbody got any fun ideas? :spank:
Ask him for his phone number and tell him that it is imperative that you talk to him before any shipment is picked up. When he responds let him know you have turned the number over to the FBI and that you know all about his scam.
Hey, I would tell him that it would be a great deal but have him send the money to you by Western Union, since that is what he wants you to do. They are all over the world so should not be to much of a problem. then you have a guaranty the money is in your hands. :thumbup:

That is a great idea, if replies to my last email, I think I will.
This is what I sent him last.

Hi Shawn give your phone number so that I can call and give you my address so you can send me payment for the parts. (I don't trust email) Thanks Fred

P.S I'm not Fred.

Same old Nigerian scam. It has been around from the day your Camaro rolled off the assembly line.
Hi Oldpackrat I,m in Spokane too I listed on crags list and ch 2 never again.
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