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Ahh.........apologies, the photo was taken on the owners drive in Ocee in Florida. When I flew in (October '19) to see the car ,I remember getting off the plane from grey n cold England n thinking Jeez I have flown into a tumble drier. When I walked round the car, sweat was pouring off me.
The hot rod of choice in merry ol' England is the Ford Pop (you call them Anglia's) but sadly. they are hardly bigger than a pedal car n me being 6'6" n 40" waist is too much of a squeeze.
Fortunately in America, you boys actually know how to build cars, 20 years before we were building Pops with tiny 4 cylinder engines, you were making proper sized Pops n calling them Ford model 48, 68 n the beautiful 78 and of course having the good sense to sling in a V8 as standard (chevy were doing something similar with their ' 35-38 Master' which is bigger but for me not quite as sexy).
Sadly, ever since she arrived in cold miserable England, I have been involved with rebuilding mine or daughter's houses every weekend...............BUT..............that's all over now n it's Hot rod time, by the end of the summer she'll be black, have a chrome n walnut dash with a deep purple velvet tuck n roll interior and brand new wiring, hopefully the year after she'll have purple ghost flames added
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