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Does anyone know the Motorcraft 2100 carb?

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HI guys.

I just rebuilt a motorcraft 2100 carb. And man is it giving me problems. The motor started but it is running like crap. First thing I noticed was that the fuel was actually dripping down the bores from the top of the venturis. I think the fuel is comming in from 5 or 6 holes on the inside of the 2 venturi circles. It was making a crackling sound when the drips passed by the throttle plates. I can't figure out why this would be happening. Anyone else ever see this problem, with this or any other type of carb?
As always thanks for your help!!
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Remove the top cover and see if it is flooding (engine off). It is either flooding or has excessive fuel pressure. You put the main jets back in, right? :thumbup:
Did you forget to put in the check ball or rod, below the boosters. It also can be the float is set wrong, take the top plate off and check the float level.
The float pivot pin will go in both ways but only one way will prevent it from falling out, pull the top and have a look. Usually it falls out one side and then the float only partially works.
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