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the 'Duracell Project'
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6" pothole? i went across a pothole on ford road that had a temp bridge on it last night...

easy way is to keep the stock springs and weld up a simple torque arm
the reason caltrac uses the triangle is to allow free movement up and down without twisting the rearend
a simple torque arm with a trailer spring shackle up front does the same thing
i run an 86 trans am rearend that came with coil springs and a torque arm on stock 58 springs
i ran without the torque arm for a year, the axle would wrap up and hit a x-member on the driveshaft
to install a torque arm on leaf springs without binding i had to make a slide joint or double pivot

oem torque arm bolted into the bosses, the trans am front mount was a slide into a rubber mount

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i had an x-member right behind the front u-joint that i made the pivot. it's just a short trailer spring shackle.
if i hadn't done this the axle movement would have been locked in by triangulation of the frame, springs and torque arm

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a torque arm could be as simple as 2x2 square tubing bolted to a spring pad welded to the axle
then use the trailer shackle up front,
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