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Don't sign on to CARS.GOV!! THey Hijack your computer.

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Rob Here! :pimp:

Seriously I saw this on another sight .
Watch the video, or go to the web site & read the Disclaimer if you are brave enuf.

R :thumbup:
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Look at the source where this is coming from, GLEN BECK. He has turned just as bad as Limbaugh if not worse.
The key phrase here is "When logged on". It doesn't say anything about tracking your computer after you leave the site.

I work for the federal government and the web site I use to check my pay checks ( has a nearly identical disclaimer. As does nearly every application I use on my computer at work. It's not a big deal and these two people are blowing it way out of proportion. And before anybody blames this on Barack Obama, they used the same disclaimers when Bush was president and probably also used them when Clinton was president too. People are already making those comments on that YouTube video. It's pretty much a standard disclaimer the federal government uses and they do have a right to protect their computer systems.
I'm on Linux, so i'm pretty safe. seems logged down down due curiouse people seems logged down down due curiouse people
A OLD trick- reverse psychology. Beck could even be in on the web site, but even if not, he has done more to increase the hits the site will get than anything the site itself could have EVER done.

Tell someone not to do something, and the first thing they will do is what? LOL
Glen beck may be another Rush Limbaugh, but he is informing us of some of the crap our government is trying to do to us, and it's scary.

First how many of us are going to use the website, may 1% of the population. I never heard both nutcases (Rush and Beck) complain that the prior administration was illegally wire tapping the American public. Also since this is run by the DOT how long has this site been up, it maybe a relic of the bush legacy

FWIW, if "they" want you- or to know where you've been or what you've been viewing or typing- "they" have you. Make no mistake about that fact.

I treat the internet just like the old "party lines" (and I'm not talking about a singles chat room here)- I don't "say" anything or go anywhere I wouldn't repeat or show to my Mother ;) .

BTW, Obama, on 7-03-09, added more power to the NSA to snoop around, in the name of national security, of course. :rolleyes:

From the Online Journal: In a continuation of a Bush program, "they are going ahead with a Bush-era plan to allow the NSA even more power to invade, intercept and analyze the data of anyone visiting a government website, ostensibly to help prevent a major cyberattack."

George Orwell has nothing on these guys.
You must be logged into the dealer part of the website (which you can see in the Glenn Beck segment) for them to be able to read anything, and even then it's just that they have the right to read it, not that they automatically download your hard drive to some mainframe in the Pentagon.

Basically, if you're a dealer logging onto their system, they have access to your computer. Luckily, not only are few of us here car dealers, but few car dealer computers have anything of value to the government that you don't submit at tax time anyway.
What a surprise, another far-right-wing nutjob telling us the newest thing to be scared of. The real trick here isn't the stupid website, its using fear to control people and get them to listen to the things you say! Sounds surprisingly similar to how cults are started! :rolleyes:

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