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Hey Folks,
I thought I would share a pretty neat garage product with you.
I was installing a windshield in my 61 Studebaker Hawk today, and finally had the chance to try out a pretty cool tool that I actually received recently as a test product.
It is a "dripless" caulk gun. I used it to apply bedding compound to the pinch weld before installing the glass and gasket. It automatically relieves the pushrod pressure when you release the trigger and works great. No need to worry about dripping material inside the car, like on my new dashpad or seat covers.
I wish it had an integrated cutter and puncture tool for the tubes, but I think it is well worth it just for the dripless feature. The grip is way more comfortable than your run-of-the-mill steel caulk gun too.

Dripless, Inc. - Home of the original yellow Dripless caulk gun
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