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Drive shaft for 200 4r in el camino

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Im swapping out the old 305 in my elCamino with a 383 and im keeping the trans that came in it (2004r) i was wondering if the bigger block will change the drive shaft length or if the stock one on the car will still fit, either way i want to swap it out for an aluminum one at some point and im having trouble shopping for one. tips?

yes this is my first engine swap lol
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All your typical Chevy muscle car era and hot rod engines such as the SBC, the BBC, the 90° V-6's, and the Straight 6's all have the bellhousing mount face at the same when you swap engines, the trans remains in the same stock location.

Your existing driveshaft will fit just like it did with the 305.....the 350 block is only bigger on the inside (y)
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