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Driveshaft lenght

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I need the measurement for a stock 1980 TA, turbo 350 trans, 8.5 rear.

Any help would be great. :thumbup:
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Have a friend with a 80 T/A, SBC383, TH350 & 8.5". I'll see if He'll jack it up tomorrow and I'll measure center to center distance of U-joints. Or check with NastyZ28 site, the Camaro's use the same D-shaft.
This is from a Post on NastyZ28 site. >>

The 1970 Camaro driveshafts w/4-spd., 3-spd. and TH350 measure 49.20" (center to center u-joint caps). The slip yoke has 27 splines, 1.50" dia. shaft (about 3.5" long) and measure about 5.5" from the center of the u-joint cap holes to the end of the shaft. When assembled the measurement from the center of the rear u-joint cap to the end of the slip yoke at the front is about 54.7" (49.2" + 5.5" = 54.7"). The 49.20" driveshaft was only used in 1970.
The 71-up Camaro w/4-spd. driveshafts measure 48.5" (c/c u-jts.) and use the same slip yoke as the 1970. The reason is that the 1971-up Muncie tailshafts are about 0.7" longer than the 1970 Muncies. The 71-81 Camaros use both 48.5" and 48.0" driveshafts depending on the transmission used.
My "1970 Chevrolet Passenger Car Specifications" (dated Feb. 1970) manual states that the driveshaft length is 49.20" (C/L of u-joints) for All Transmissions for the 1970 Camaro but I am not sure if this is totally accurate as I have never measured the length of an original driveshaft from a 1970 Camaro w/TH400 transmission. The 1970 Camaro TH400 slip yoke is substantially different (larger dia. and longer shaft, I believe) from the 4-spd. slip yoke.
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Thank You Sir ,

Verifiy that measurement would be sweet :thumbup: .

I made a real mess of mine with a full throttle up-shift into third.

5500rpm with a stout 428.

Scared the daylights out of me.


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Now would be a good time to add that d-shaft loop you've been putting off... :) It looks like the exhaust caught it pretty good this time.
I have one now!!!
The shaft broke in the middle but no point in taking chances again.

I will also up-grade to a stronger shaft too.

Monday I will look for a used one that fits to verify measurements and test for futher damage :sweat: .

Hard lesson learned.
My Friends 80 T/A measured 48.5" center to center of U-Joints. :thumbup:
Thank You Sir! :thumbup:
Got the used shaft - 48.5" center to center of U-Joint- and that is what it measured at.

I also put new Spicer 5-795x U joints in too.

All is good so far , no further damage :D .

Next I,ll get a proper heavy wall shaft built before any more hard running :thumbup: .
F.Y.I. You have a TH2004R trans.

Right? Hard to see.

Glad nobody got hurt.
Good eye :eek: .

The DS that was destroyed was from the original T-350.

Yes I do have a 200r4 BTO level 3 , Extreme series 2600 stall convertor, 3.73 gears.

Nice all round combo too :mwink: .

I,m very glad that no one was hurt too :sweat: .
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