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Hello Hotrodders. Just wanted to be a part of your excellent board. I dig the layout and of course the vast amount of information. I am a visitor from so the format is familiar to me.

My name is Mark and I am a performance junkie.

I enjoy taking abandoned Porsche 924's and giving them re-birth as 933 D-Production race car replicas. Sometimes I just restore them for the road, depending on the condition I get them in. For the most part I like to completely gut them and see how efficiently I can get 300 HP out of the 4 cylinder powerplant. I know 300 is not quite Hotrod spec, but when it is throwing around a 2200 lbs chassis that handles like it's on rails, it makes for a fun ride.

You won't find too many people who consider my hobby to be hotrod building, but IMHO building cars is an obbsession that transcends make and model. Not to mention that cramming a 350 SBC into a 924 is a common occurance, and something that I may do down the road. That would constitute building a hot rod, I think.

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