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dual Range Hydro-matic tools for sale

For sale are sever internal and external transmission adjusting tools for the dual range hydromatic. The attached image does a beter job of ID'ing whats what.

I want 400 bucks or best offer. i will not separate so please dont ask.

shipping and insurance(reccommended!!) is not included.

Postal money order only. This keeps everybody honest, yea both you and me.

if you are interested please email me at [email protected]

included, to the best of my ability to describe are

2 each external band adjusting tools (AH 10 B) manufactured by Blackhawk. One of these is brand new.

1 each external band adjusting tool (AT-50) manufactured by Snap On.

1 each front servo adjusting guage (AH-11) manufactured by NBM co. Brand new.

1 each front servo adjusting guage (AH-11) manufactured by New Britain. Brand new.

1 each rear servo adjusting guage (AH 12) manufactured by NEMCO.Brand New

1 each rear servo adjusting guage (AH 12) Manufactured by NBM Co. brand new.

1 each throttle lever alignment guage (J2545)
manufactured by Kent Moore(?). used.

1 each Oil delivery sleave ring compressor (J-1537-2). Manufacturers name is stamped on inside handle of this tool but I cant read it. Used .

1 each transmission main shaft snap ring removal tool. (J-1458). Manufactured by Kent Moore. used.

All tools described as new are in fact new. All tools described as used are in excellect condition.

400 bucks for everythin, I will not separate. Postal money orders only. shipping and insurance not included.

please email me at [email protected]

for more info.

Asking Price: $400.00
Condition: Excellent

Location (City, State, Country): Bisbee AZ
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