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Eastwood Fast Etch

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Have a bare metal frame +1 year in a garge ..I am ready to paint it . I was going to use this Fast etch stuff first ( leaves behind zinc phosphate coating ) then lay down a epoxy primer .. Any issues with this ? Should I wipe it with a thinner just before the epoxy ?
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If you are using a quality epoxy primer (I like SPI) plus have some sort of "tooth" in the bare metal, there should be no need of etch - you have to get any rust off tha bare metal first, so that will give you that "tooth" to bond to the metal. Also, and my opinion only, most Eastwood products are overpriced (to pay for their advertising) and seldom no better, and often worse then their normal professional counterpart - they're a Central PA cpmpany and haven't even made the NSRA York SR Nationals for 8-10 years
Yes Eastwood is $$ but just want to know if this fast etch is ok to use under the epoxy primer unwiped ( leaving behind zinc phosphate coating ) under the primer or should the zinc phosphate coating be wiped with thiner just before the epoxy primer
I think you are buying some problems by using the etch product like that...Laquer thinner for a final wipe...Yeech.. :nono:

What condition is the metal frame? new steel with mill oxide on it? shiny sanded metal? rusted?

Regardless, if you are using epoxy, you shouldn't use any metal prep at all. Sand with a 80 grit down to mare metal, wipe down with wax and grease remover, dry throughly and have at it with two coats of epoxy.
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