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1949 Ford Coupe RESURRECTION
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Just had an experience with two vendors of replacement A/C condensers, both of them in Miami.

For what it's worth, I found that an OEM condenser out of a '93-'98 Jeep Wrangler fits perfectly in my '49 Ford Coupe. For whatever reason (trinary switch failure) it blew out...not violently, but a tiny leak ...

So I searched on Ebay, where MANY of the vendors (probably ALL chinese) and found what I thought was exactly what I needed, as the picture matched, which showed a row of screw holes along the edge, weird connection configuration, and U-bends on the opposite end of the headers. The OEM condenser is a full face, parallel flow, two pass, where the refrigerant flows across the full face of the coil, turns around and comes back along the full face again before passing toward the evaporator.

Well, guess what they are selling... parallel flow, HALF FACE, SINGLE ROW condenser. ONE FORTH the fin area, ONE HALF of the flow paths, meaning double the velocity and probably half the condensing capacity. I have no doubt that these products will cause HUGE problems in your air conditioning system. Yes, I sent it back.........Do what ya want.... just so ya'll know...
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