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Be ware, I got this today.

If you get one, do not click n any link, but go to ebay and report it

Date: 11/08/04 13:32:27

Subject: TKO NOTICE: Pay your fees to

eBay request: Pay your fees to eBay

Dear eBay customer,
Due to our new services you have to pay your eBay fees.You can pay with your credit/debit card. We will ask for your credit/debit card only once.We will charge your account once per month.However you will receive a confirmation request in about 24 hours after the credit/debit card is authorized.You have 24 hours from the time you'll receive the e-mail to complete this eBay Request.
Note:Ignoring this message will cause eBay TKO Suspension notice.


To make the funds payable to us please use this link:


eBay will request personal data(password; credit card/bank numbers, and so on) in this email.
Thank you for using eBay!


This eBay notice was sent to you based on your eBay account preferences.If you would like to review your your notification preferences for other types of communications, click here.If you would like to receive this email in text only,click here.
As outlined in our User Agreement, eBay will periodicaly send you information about site changes and enhancements.Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions.
Copryright C 2004 eBay Inc. All rights Reserved.
Designed trademarks and brands are the property of theis respective owners.
eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay line

I got this answer back from ebay within 30 minutes.

From: eBay Customer Support
Date: 11/08/04 17:58:23
To: troy curtsinger
Subject: RE: SP91011 - Your recent report to eBay's Trust and Safety Department . (KMM139933279V58242L0KM)


Thank you for writing to eBay regarding the email you received.

Emails such as this, commonly referred to as "spoof" or "phished"
messages, are sent in an attempt to collect sensitive personal or
financial information from the recipients.

The email you reported was not sent by eBay. We have reported this email
to the appropriate authorities.

In the future, be very cautious of any email that asks you to submit
information such as your credit card number or your email password. eBay
will never ask you for sensitive personal information such as passwords,
bank account or credit card numbers, Personal Identification Numbers
(PINs), or Social Security Numbers in an email. If you ever need to
provide sensitive information to us, please open a new Web browser, type into your browser address field, and click on the "site
map" link located at the top the page to access the eBay page you need.

If you have any doubt about whether an email message is from eBay,
please forward it immediately to [email protected]. Do not respond to it or
click any of the links. Do not remove the original subject line or
change the email in any way when you forward it to us.

If you have already entered sensitive financial information or your
password into a Web site based on a request from a spoofed email, you
should take immediate action to protect your identity and all of your
online accounts. We have developed an eBay Help page with valuable
information regarding the steps you should take to protect yourself.

To review eBay's new tutorial about Spoof Emails, please see the
following Web page:

Once again, thank you for alerting us to the spoof email you received.
Your efforts help us ensure that eBay remains a safe and vibrant online


eBay SafeHarbor
Investigations Team
Your Personal Trading Community (tm)


Important: eBay will not ask you for sensitive personal information
(such as your password, credit card and bank account numbers, Social
Security numbers, etc.) in an email. Learn more account protection tips

For our latest announcements, please check:

In order to better serve you, we'd like to occasionally
request feedback on our service. If you would rather
not participate, please click on the link below and send
us an email with the word "REMOVE" in the subject line.
If that does not work, please send an email to the
email address below. Your request will be processed
within 5 days

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When I got to that part I knew something was screwy.:nono:


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i've not yet received one email from paypal or ebay about anything that was actually sent from them. I just delete it anymore..
if you think it might be true, go to your account and see if it's been suspended or whatever.

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Some others coming around are the e-mails for Citi-Bank and Sun-Trust Banks.

They want you to verify your passwords, accounts and such. Its amazing, I recieved both of the e-mails and don't even have accounts with them. Scams and Scammers:boxing:


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I get that crap all the time when I am ebaying alot. I get paypal ones too. They try and put the squeeze on saying **** like "we need to update your files ot your account will be deleted" I foreward everything to [email protected] and usually within 20 minutes or so they send a reply saying it didn't come from them blah blah blah, but I don't think they actually take any action over them. Just mkore B.S. you have to learn to filter out when you deal with ebay.
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