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William Kalvinek [email protected]

I am buliding a Pontiac 400 and am going to use a set of the Edelbroc heads. I named my car the "Wimpy William S. Kalvinek
Patty Trans-Am" I drove my Trans-Am into a lake in Springfield,Mass. and are still trying to get it out. I have mental illness
that makes me get angry easy and are getting frusterated trying to put the engine together. I would like to now if I should ues a
single or duel pattern camshaft? Maybe you could help me with a nother question? I have a set of E.S.P connecting rods for full
floti ng piston pins. I would like to know if it is possable to have a set of pistons machined for locks. The pistons are
TRW,forged. I am going to use light whight piston pins witch are shorter then the stock TRW pins. I like to work on cars when
I am out of the psychiatric ward but I need assistance. Thanks W.K.
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