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Edelbrock Performer + original valve covers

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I have a feeling i am being hoodwinked. I took a 67'Camaro with a 327 to a garage to have a edelbrock performer and holley carb put on. I was given an estimate of about 450 to 500 bucks. Now they're jacking it up to a little over $600 and making me buy theyre valve covers, saying that for some reason mine wont fit the edelbrock intake? is that by any means true? i need info asap. please help, and the more people that write and agree the better because i plan on takin this to them if im told that they will work
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i'm not sure on this, but why would the valve covers even matter? I didn't think the intake would even touch the covers.

My 38 years of working for general motors tells me that I hope you got kissed with this deal. 500 dollars to put on a chev intake SHAME SHAME SHAME. ROY
You think I'm getting ripped off with everything? I had a 2 barrel and now im having a new edelbrock performer, and a new 650 holley carb put on, is that a rip for $500, or $600?
Ok,approx 170.00 for intake,300.00 for carb. plus shipping,so you've spent 500.00 in parts.They most likely removed your valve covers to change intakes so now would be a good time to change them,but I see no reason it has to be done your old ones will go right back on. Now if they are charging you 5-6 hundred in labor to do this,as Roy said I hope you got kissed. that is at least twice what it should cost to have it done at a shop. For that amount you could have went to sears and bought a tool set, a repair manual,and done the job yourself and had the tools for your next project. The next time you want to do something to your camaro post on this board and you will get help and good answers to your questions,also be sure to check out RBBO it's for people who are doing their own work on their cars.
I would have to agree with ROY (the BOSS)! YES, they must have seen you coming . and no , you wont need new valve covers may look nicer but old covers will not interfear with new parts!

next time ask a friend first,check out other shops for quotes . better yet ask here first this bunch of guys will part with info so fast . must be close to 1000 years of experiance between them all. don't mean to say all the guys here are oldies ,just that I'v been doing my own work for 35+ years cuz I can't bring myself to pay anyone else 45 to 50 pr hr labor.

besides this groupe would have helped you do it your self and saved $$$$. just think you missed out on the experiance of having done it your self, plus picking your nose and smearring grease on your face ,then forgetting and sticking that dirty finger in your mouth and tasteing the erotic flavors of grease,dirt an sand kinda crunchy. WHAT MEMORIES!
They do not have to replace the valve covers. Does this price estimate include the cost of the new intake and carb? If not they are ripping you off as the labor time to swap out the intake and carb would not be over an hour. Maybe they like to take a lot of breaks. Get you a good gasket set and a torque wrench and do it yourself , if you don"t feel comfortable about doing it yourself we will walk you through it. Bottom line if they have not done the work yet DON'T LET THEM.
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