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Edelbroke manifold

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I have a jet boat with a 454 Chevy bigblock .Holley marine carb 715 Cfm ,what is the best choice in manifold ,i have the edelbroke performer Rpm dual plane ,My mechanic has a edelbroke torquer single plane ,carb sits off center on the single plane.Thanks
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You're likely better off with the Performer RPM. I've seen a similar combo; 460 Ford with a marine dual plane (large dual plane with polished runners) - this is on a jet boat also.

Guy at the speed shop talked the owner into a Torker and it went from about 5500 RPM to 5200 at WOT. Definitely picked up low-end but at expense of top speed. It kinda turned it into a high performance tug boat.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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