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EDM coating.......

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Several years ago I read a story on a company that did EDM coating on complete car bodies.Is this something anyone has heard of?After the body was dipped to completly remove paint,filler and seam sealer the car was dipped in this solution and when it came out the body was black.
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We were just disussing this the other day.
In my opinion, it's the absolute best way to go. I prefer to metalfinish the body prior to the e-coat process. With no filler work to do, when you get it back from e-coat, you're ready to start the painting process

Randy Ferguson
Ferguson Coachbuilding
618 544 2972
A Place in the South to E-Coat!

While e-coating a car is by far the best way to prime all the surfaces, its very hard to find an e-coater who has the capacity to do the entire body and at a reasonable price.

Well being in the e-coat buisness I've kept my eyes open to this and I'm happy to say there is now a company in Alabama called SEC that gave me a price to e-coat my 1965 Chevelle body for $750-$950! My company and I know these guys because we put the e-coat equipment in for them a few years ago.

They work closely with a stripping company in Jackson, Mississippi who does stripping for them when needed.

The contact in Jackson that does the stripping is:

Metal Finishing Services
David Church

Unfortunately, I'm away from my office until 1/3/05 so I don't have any phone numbers are contact names with me for SEC and I can't remember them. When I get back to the office I will post them for everyone.
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Great news! Thanks for sharing! Their prices are outstanding!!
When you post the other info, please add where they are located. If they're very far into AL., then MI may be just as convenient for us.
Thanks for the reply guys.While price is something to think about,I would pay whatever,within reason to have the process done.I too feel this is the only way to do a project,and also feel the need to have the body straightend out beforehand.Ive got a Nova project that hopefully I can start soon.The place I first read about was in Southern Ca I think.To be able to remove all surface rust and have the entire body sealed is the only way to go.


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