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Yeah, the list is horrible and, as several of you pointed out, is based more on the author's preferences and taste than on an actual set of objectives and criteria. The author, John Pearley Huffman, has apparently penned several articles for Edmunds Inside Line, and the few that I read through seem equally bad in my opinion.

If you go back to the article and read the comments posted, you would think Edmunds would take a hint. It seems like when a news reporting service of any sort goes online, it tries way too hard to have fresh content as frequently as possible without taking the time to do a "quality control" check. Yahoo! is a perfect example of that.

The 53 Corvette? HUH? Was it a great "car", I guess not. Was it any worse than a 53 Belair? Not by much if you ask me, same basic thing so why is one a "worse" car and the other not. I think the list is largely to promote view of their web site. :nono:

Yep, that's exactly where I also had to pause and consider the value of this list.

Siggy_Freud said:
Pontiac sure made some ugly cars during it's life. Looking at some of it's examples it seems like it was a mercy killing of the company.
Hey now, Firebirds and Trans Ams were gorgeous cars. Heck I even liked the way my '99 Grand Am looked.

1930u said:
I LOVE Corvettes but 53-55 Corvettes were just okay. The body fit was awful. IMO the 1999-2006, BMW, E-46, 3-Series should have been on the list.
Those years of the 3 series are actually my favorite body style on that car. Did it have reliability issues?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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