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This is bad.......

lt1silverhawk said:
"100 Worst Cars of All Time". Some were obvious, but other picks really surprised me.

This list makes me feel terrible!

My 1st car was #20 on the list(AMC Pacer) and my 2nd car was #2 on the list('74 Mustang II)!

But I know MANY other people over the years who've owned MANY of these cars!
Like the Justy, Fuego, Alliance, Eagle Premier, Geo Metro, Monza, Chevette, Pinto, Vega, Allante, Cimarron, Gremlin, '96 Taurus, Volare, '77 Versailles, '75 Corvette, Samurai, Cricket, B-210, 9-14, TR-7, '58 Thunderbird, Citation, Fierro, '74 Gran Torino, '82 Camaro, '89 T-Bird, Subaru XT, '84 Bronco II, Cavalier, Hyundai Excell, Lumina minivan, VW Fox, Acura Vigor, Pontiac Solstice

My God, thats a long list of crap that people I know, or that I am related to have owned! :drunk:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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