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Gday everyone,

I'm registered since september 2003 and this is only my third post.

I'm 26, French (nobody's perfect), living in Paris and currently trying to find another job in another place.
I'm into watersports (kitesurfing, windsurfing, that kind of stuff) and will be sailing over the Atlantic in April. Looking fwd to it!
What does it have to do with cars I hear you ask. Not much.

I fell in love with cars in Australia (I lived there for 1 1/2 years - moved back to France 8 months ago).

there's not many hot rods and/or hot rodders in France, I'm not sure why. The law has probably something to do with that...

Anyway, I enjoy looking at your works, makes me dream that one day I'll make mah own :)

oh, I forgot:

no I don't have a car, coz it wouldn't last 2 minutes without a bump on the body in Paris if it's not towed off because there's no parking places. This place is hell. I'll wait till I move somewhere else to get myself a car.

and also: why does it say it's my first post when it's actually my 3rd?

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Welcome. We won't hold being French against you. Heck, we even allow CANADIANS on here!

The owner of the board decided that post in the Lounge forum would not count against your total since trolls were posting gobs of posts in there and none in the tech forums and passing themselves off as tech experts.
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