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El Camino seatbelts

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Does anyone know anything about installing seatbelts w/ shoulder straps into a '68 El Camino/Chevelle/Malibu?

I just bought a Camino and it's belts are torn up and can't be used. I could replace them with lap belts, but I'd like to go all the way with the shoulder harness. In particular I need some information on safe place mounting places. Any info would be helpfull. Thanks.
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i've seen this done, both belts were bolted where the original lap belt was behind the seat, had a carrier strap bolted right behind the top of the door, into the heavy part of the pillar where the door closed, much like the pick ups have. it wasn't a real good setup, awkward to get into, straps in the way of the door closin, might take some finesse to get it right.
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