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El Camino seatbelts

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Does anyone know anything about installing seatbelts w/ shoulder straps into a '68 El Camino/Chevelle/Malibu?

I just bought a Camino and it's belts are torn up and can't be used. I could replace them with lap belts, but I'd like to go all the way with the shoulder harness. In particular I need some information on safe place mounting places. Any info would be helpfull. Thanks.
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as far as the lap belt goes im sure you know you can just mount it where the stock one went. im by no means an expert in this field but from a practacle stadpoint..if i were involved in this project id recomend attaching one end of the shoulder harness to the rear seat bracket and bringing it up over the seat. of course youll have to measure it and if you have one of those spring loaded return boxes for it you might have to make a bracket to give it enuff clearance. just a thought.
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