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Electric Bench Seats

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Wsho makes a seat with the controls in the seat that i can put in my 49 lincoln if the controls are in the seat I dont have to wire them to a door any suggestions ?
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If your looking to buy something new I recomend Wise Guys seats, they are real comfy and got all the gadgets mounted on the seat. Link is below

Just trying to remember i think late 50's GM Buick or Caddy, had both but jeez thats 10 yrs ago!
Worth a look. :D
Mid Seventy Caddys had power bench seat with fold down arm rest, about 56" wide, controls on bottom driver side seat. Had one in my Buick until recently.
80's mid-sized Buicks had neat big 'n little split bench seats, 54" wide that had the controls you want. Best recommendation is go th the pick-A-Part and look around. Usually dig up a treasure that no one else thought of!

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Some of the imports have smaller power seats as well, but like the others have said, mid to full size 70's and 80's cars area goldmine when it comes to "fat man" options.
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