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You have the right ideas. With a cam and head work you could easily reach your goal of 350 or so HP

My advise to you would be to look at some of the aftermarket heads. While I don't know what your heads are on the engine now an aftermarket head will give you great flow and you can get just what you want for a decent price.

Look at either crane or comp they can help you choose the cam you need.

The holley will do nicely on top. I would say since you need a intake too get the Air Gap from eld.

When you take your engine apart you might want to look into the internals and see how they are.
It would be wise to replace the bearings since it seems the engine has never been cracked open.

Also there may be ridges on the cyd. wall in which case an over bore would be needed and since that is the case you then have to replace pistons in which case that is a great time to choose CR you want.

One thing leads to another. You replace the cam but also have to replace the lifters and more then likely the springs and parts.

In other words it would be a really good idea to freshen up your engine before you start pushing power out of it. Believe me I went through all this.

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