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OK.. well while on my search for a Y block... I was GIVEN a chevy 350 that was used as BOAT motor Mercuiser.. (water passages OK.. ) ran until they where doing something in the bilge and BROKE dizzy at the shaft. They said, well lets go to cat 3208 ?? (boat owners seem to find any reason to spend money....) and pulled the motors.. well I could turn the motor over OK.. and well my father owns a general machine shop, and get BIG discounts with the motor machinist as they trade work. He said I could get all the bearing and machine work and new forged pistons for about 300 If I come and hot tank it and do all the Btch work..

SO here is where I ask your opinons....

I am planing on a traditional hot rod either with a 50's or 60's flair... ( oh its gonna be a 33 or a 36 ford Pickemup on duece rails.. )

Should I either.. rebuild stock and sell and spend all the profit and the budget I have now on a Y block OR... go a little unusual with the SBC..(I think it can still be done....) and buy a hiborn set up or something like that ( OL Skool suggestion.... ) with the money I have set aside for my y block and rebuild, tri power and so on......

What is given me problems is that this is going to completely determin the direction of the build.. one way I build a tripower Y block with wide whites, the other I go semi gasser..( I just think only willys and tri fives look good the their noses in the air instead of the weeds...) hillborn injected with maybe the new bolt on 12 spokes ( hey I gotta pass safety check or i would be going spindle mounts all the way at least polished buicks..) and sloted mags... I like both looks about evenly and am noticein most people are goin straight to the 50's look and completely overlooking the gasser movement of the 60's. So that way I wouldnt be buildt the same "rat rod" everyone else is..

(oh and just so you people know I aint jumpin on the band wagon, My dad gave me all of his old hot rods he collect when he was a kid when I was ten (24 now_.. I liked em way befor any of the mags made em popular again.. )

OH.. and TRUST ME .. I know build what I want... at this point IM like 50 50 so your OPINONS would be helpfull...
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