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engine dress-up

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I've been searching the internet for ideas and cannot find any for ways on how to remove paint from an assembled engine. I know the best way is to disassemble and tank it, but I want just want to do a color change and would prefer to remove as much of the old paint as possible. Any suggestions would be great!
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I have always just wire brushed and decreased the engine and what paint is left I paint over.
Easy-Off oven cleaner, the stinky stuff not the fume free.
Sorry it took so long to answer back. Thanks guys. I had heard of the Easy-Off method. I've used a wire wheel on a drill and got most off. There are just small areas or places next to polished pieces that I don't want to get the wire wheel near. I've thought about a chemical stripper but figure that if it seeps behind the timing cover or other parts, it would eat the gaskets.
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