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Engine Flushing...

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Been reading about engine flushing.... (oil)

At the shop we're supposed to use the gumout engine flush, then install a new filter afterwards. Although I've heard people having problems afterwards because of all the gunk that comes down gets sucked into the pump, starves the engine and locks it. Also heard of putting a quart of tranny fluid in for a hundered or so miles, then draining. And kerosene added in the oil.... Anybody have any comments on any of this? Which might be the best way, or the worst, or prefered...? Or any other ways that would be better?
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the best thing todo is change your oil regular and then you wont need to flush it,
i wouldnt put any of that crap in my engine! if your motor has sludged, it is really time to freshen it up. pull the heads have them cleaned up. there isnt a magic formula,other than preventative maintence.

a guy in the next bay, always used to put all kinds of cleaners(tranny fluid,BS additives,snake oils) in his SBC. after taking off the valve covers, it still looked the same.
Not a good idea. You run the risk of all that junk breaking loose and plugging oil passages. The filter would be the first thing to get stopped up with junk and go into bypass mode. There is no way to safely remove the collected gunk in a high mileage engine without disassembly. This is just another example of marketing hype. Change oil and filter on a regular schedule and you will have no problem with buildup.

exactly what I was thinking....
I think it'd be ok if you put restore, or MMO (marvel mystery oil, comes in a red bottle), or Lucas, into an engine... keep the oil on the internals longer after shutdown and help a tired engine run better, smoke less ya know.

My grandpa worked at GM for ages in engineering valvesprings and lifters and high speed photograply, and nights he was a mechanic. He swears by seafoam.

I think this stuff and comparable products would help keep what little sludge builds up under good maitenence to an absolute minimum.

dunno. heard is a good source. I looked there, but for his oil foamer tester, why doesnt he use a SBC oil pump or something in place of the gears?
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