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I am currently rebuilding a 1984 L69 305ci H/O (Vin G) Chevy motor. My questions are.
1. The pistons and rods are numerically stamped. Is this a sign that it is factory balanced?
2. Does anybody know what type of pistons were used on an H/O motor, forged or cast?
3. Were is the best place to buy quality rebuilding kits? I am concerned because the LG4 had an 8:5.1 compression and the L69 has a 9:5.1 compression. I don�t want to end up with an engine kit with the wrong slugs. Some engine kits call for 1976 to 1984 305ci. And others call out 1984 to 1985 VIN code G. (Northern Auto Parts) the (VIN code G) specific kits don�t have any cam upgrade options. But the other kits 1981 to 1984 Truck 305ci have cam options to upgrade. So I am assuming that those are for the LG4 motors 8:5.1 with a big cam.

I know I should just fall in line and order the kit from northern that seems specific. But the rebel I am�I have to question why there is a different in company to company kits. (Northern, power house, engine kits dot com) I have requested information about the cam lift and durations and piston type. But nobody has responded yet.

during Assembly is the anything i should use on the rings before putting it together? the motor will sit for at least 1 year for the car is ready. my concern is the rings setting up on the pistons.
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