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You could probably go either way depending on how much work you want to do. As stated buying a crate engine is the easiest way to go. If you go to a Ford Motorsport dealer they should offer a whole selection of engines for your application. You can go with a long block assembly which comes with heads and valvetrain, or a short block which is usually just assembled block with cam and timing chain. Short block is less expensive and you will still want to machine your old heads. Or if you want to do more work and don't mind the time you can strip down your engine and have everything machined, all bearings replaced, new cam, lifters, t. chain, oil pump, pick-up screen, valves, guides, springs, etc., etc., etc.. You might want to make a shopping list, total up cost of everything on your list, then throw in some more 'cause you always forget something. Then take that info and compare it to the cost of a crate engine. Also keep in mind that most crate engines come with warrenties. If you're planning on making something out of this car it's going to cost you some money no matter what you do, and it seams like that's what you want to do not just keep an old dog running. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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