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Estimated HP

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I have a 1984 T/A that I am currently converting to a street strip car I would like to know if there is anyone who could estimats the horsepower of the engine here are the specs.
1970 Corvette block Motor Casting#3970010
.040 over hypretecnic pistons
heads 1.94/1.50 valves casting#3927186
cam 327/350 470 dur, at.050 224 int/224 exh lobe sep 110 hydralic
10 to 1 comp
Holley 750 DP
Slp headers 1.5/8 to 3' single exhaust
Edelbrock performer RPM intake
MSD 6AL ingnition With the pro billet vacuum advance dist
100 shot of NOS
700R4 transmission
3.73 gears in the rear

I would appreciate any insite to this motor HP at the flywheel HP at the rear wheels etc.
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here's an <a href="" target="_blank">engine analyzer</a> program you can check out... it will give you the info you are looking for.
Hey, cool program, I have the old DOS version, it works great but the Windows version is a lot easier to work with. What is that "Error" window about on install??, program seems to work ok though........Thanks... :p
I didn't get an error in install... if it works, then hey, who cars huh? LOL :D
I'd bet on 310 hp w/o the NOS ...real world.
Originally posted by solowookie:
<strong>I didn't get an error in install... if it works, then hey, who cars huh? LOL :D </strong><hr></blockquote>

Yeah, just wondered if you got the same thing. It seems to work fine so I ain't gonna worry about...LOL... :D
on desk top dyno i cant get exact with the cam numbers u posted but to be close i got 470 hp and 600 tq. with the hundred shot of nos if you had cam card numbers i could get with in 5% on the fly wheel numbers
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