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estreets on a 327?

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hi guys im currently gathering parts to build a 327 i have a 1965 sj block with crank and cast pop up pistons and a warner super t10 5 line trany i would like to run a solid lifter cam prob a copy of the 30 -30 . now to the question i have a set of untouched 1963 461X heads but idk if i should use them or sell them and get new estreet im looking for atleast 400 hp and any tips on cam and intake would also be nice lol thanks
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You say "cast pop-up" pistons. Doesn't really tell us much.
Consider this: The 365 HP 327 used the 30-30 cam you mentioned, 11:1 compression (pop-up pistons) and a 585 CFM 4 barrel carb. Not sure how you expect to get 400 HP out of a 365HP engine.
More cam, better heads might get you closer, but, in my opinion, 400 HP is pretty ambitious for a 327 if you intend to drive it on the street.
Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap intake.
Estreet heads.
Isky Solid lifter cam. Part # 201020
Duration @.050 .228 lift .448
RPM Range 2000 - 6000
LS 112.
I wouldn`t go higher than this, even so 327`s like to rev.
If the pistons are cast they can hold up to a occasional blast 6000 rpm,
but regular high revs and they`ll come apart.
I doubt this will hit 400 horses, even with the use of the Estreets.
Cylinder heads

This is a realy nice pair of cylinder heads But 400hp is a lot if youre going to stay under 6800rpms on a 327cid
ok so i need forged pistons so i can make this thing scream to have a chance of hiting 400 ponys lol and lets say i did get those would the estreets flow in those uper rpm ranges cause they say there range is idel to 5500
Stroker crank, bore .030 over, These heads , this cam , 9.5 or 10:1 compression, edelbrock rpm manifold, 700+ cfm carb, headers, 2.5" exhaust. Theres your 400 hp and then some.
Forget the stroker want a 327 then just build it like DV said and be happy with whatever HP you may get.
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