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Hello All,
I've just joined and posted my my intro in the proper forum. This looks like a great bunch of enthusiasts and I'd like to participate with help from time to time.

Right now I'm in Scottsdale, AZ attending some of the shows and auctions. Specifically have plans for Russo Steel and Barrett-Jackson.

I'm now pursuing a career in photography but attending these shows for my own interests. This isn't a sales pitch, but you can benefit by me offering to help those that cannot attend a different view and experience the vehicles present. So I'm offering to post pictures and comment on what I see much like a reporter journalist.

I also am offering to to seek out vehicles by request if you want shots of informational detail for research purposes or just plain interest in seeing more.

If this is okay by the rules, I'll do my best to take requests by 'Private Message" only. Please do not post requests here. Results of finds will not be instant as I will not post by phone app.

I would like feedback if there is community interest, otherwise I'll just attend and enjoy for myself. I'm not interested in the drama if you dislike the venues. We all know already that many dislike these kind of shows and the cars included in them. That's enough chatter, I need to go see some cool cars and trucks.
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