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LOL about the "warped valves" wives tail. :D

Glasspacks/Cherry Bombs are notorious power killers(30-50HP), some of the worst style mufflers ever made as far as flow is concerned unless you get them with a big core, like Dynomax Race Bullets....but they don't do much to lower sound levels, only a few decibels.

Use a 3.5" to 3" reducer on the header flange, then run a 3" exhaust and something like Magnaflow, Borla, or Jones mufflers.

full systems with tailpipes to the rear bumper is my preference, I hate dumped under the car before the axle "Jethro Billy Bob style". turns the floor into a bass drum and soot's up everything under the car.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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