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40 years ago a then older gentlemen showed me a way to keep my power cords, extension cords, and air hosed from tangling, something that eventually does dammage to them. He told me to always coil them up counter clockwise. His reason was that in the manufacturing process of these items, everything is done in clockwise. Think about it, you've all seen how cords get into a birds nest looking tangled mess, especially the flat cords. It really works...
I'll try that, I know that I roll up my hoses and extension cords every single time after use. I have one short hose that stays on the floor, but other than that they are all rolled up with a velcro tie holding them from coming unrolled, and hanging on the wall on a large hook.

The time spent doing this is SOOOO worth it in my opinion.

And yes, NO ARMORAL in my shop!

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