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F Davis

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Hi My name is Fonnie Davis ...I am 54 years old ....I have been interested in hot rods as long as I can remember ....I just purchased a 1964 1/2 Mustang ... I plan to build it very radical will be a long project ....I guess patience builds a better car ....I am down to earth and easy going ....I am looking forward to meeting nice down to earth people on here .....I am always open to suggestions and good solid advice ...

Sincerely Mr Fonnie L Davis
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Welcome to the Hotrodders Bulletin Board. :welcome:
welcome fonnie....Patience?...yes, it takes patience, but also a good plan.
Hi Poncho62

Thanks for the welcome poncho ...yes I agree it does take planing ....but that is all it the realm of patience.... it is going to be a nice project ...I built a 65 fastback 35 years ago that did very well ...this is my chance to do it again ...nothing like a good solid fast car...take care

Sincerely F Davis
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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