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This is a lightly used Fuel Air Spark Technology (FAST) brand EZ EFI 2.0 multi-port, self-tuning engine control system for electronic fuel injection. See this exact system at:

It was briefly installed by the prior owner into a project car I recently bought. The car still needs a lot of body and other work and was never made fully road-ready. So the system saw virtually no use, maybe 30 miles of test driving. Now that I have the car, I am taking the engine in a different direction, and I just don't need this spare EFI system sitting around. I will be moving soon and need to reduce the clutter.

The FAST system works with 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder engines. It is often used to replace carburetors. FAQs on the system are at:

EZ-EFI Frequently Asked Questions | CPG Nation Forum

There is nothing wrong with the system; it functions normally. I can provide a video I shot showing the installed components and the car starting and running smoothly before I pulled the system.

This package includes:

*Touchscreen handheld controller w/ mount
*Wide-band O2 sensor
*Wiring harnesses: including main/engine bay harness, handheld controller harness, with connectors installed (injector connectors, O2 sensor connector etc.)
*Fuel pressure sensor and mounting block
*Installation manual and wiring diagrams

I am also including:

*A FAST IAC (idle air controller) with mount and mini air filter, and another backup IAC
*Air temp sensor
*Coolant temperature sensor
*Throttle position sensor

My price is $625 cash, no trades, I will not ship it. Sold as-is, no warranty etc. Located in Las Vegas. As in the link above, the system sells new for $1300 + shipping, plus you would have to source the sensors and IAC, which you need.
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