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Fatman Frame Stubs

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I was reading posts.Had to join .A lot of people have gone Fatman Bashing! NG baby how many bashers are engineers!I only saw one admit to his profession! As for the rest poor metallurgy in lower control arm bolts is not tantamount to poor design at Fatman Fab. it means the bolts were bad dig? Next if you don't put the geometry on the floor and setup correctly then fit and refit ,tack weld plumb bob again stay home ! If your prepared to take your time and be careful don't get into fabricating.When you do this stuff your building. If you need ridalin take it well in advance. Practice good weld penetrations if you don't weld a lot dig? I don't work at Fatman but Brendt is an engineer and he don't pull any drive it thru a pothole crap! I did one of these on a 67 chevelle . I did my prep carefully and his work and my geometry were dead on. I can tell you however that make sure it all level where it was before you cut your frame and when you fit a frame stub be sure to to check all geaometry on the floor and use a plumb bob or pay me I will do it right!
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I'm sorry you got so riled up about the topic. I am a mechanical engineer and the Fat Man design is flawed IF you use strut rod eliminators. If you use strut rods with mounting brackets further back on the frame, it is adequate.
I have not been impressed with their customer service. The two times I've had occasion to call (one general installation question and one with interest in purchasing a frame) I was underwhelmed. Brent is a good engineer I've been told but he needs help on the phones.
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